We installed a Solar geyser and Dolphin Ozonate system around a year ago. The solar geyser came with the special controller that you recommended and it has worked excellently. Not only can we see the water level in the tank but we can also stop cold water from filling the tank. I don't know any other system that does this. We are saving around 70% of our electricity costs which I am very pleased about. The Ozonate system is also a remarkable product.We run the pool for only 3 hours a day and it stays sparkling clear. The water is so soft and my daughter doesn't have burning eyes anymore from all the chemicals we used to use. I would really advise in getting these products! ~ Kim Reisner Bantry Bay CT ~


Your guys always arrive punctually and my pool is always kept clean and sparkling clear. The last pool company that I had did not keep my pool clean and also they were supposed to come once a week but they never kept there promises. Your guys have kept your promises and my pool sparkling for over 3 years now so thanks for the excellent service so far!
~Jackie Shneider Norwood ~


I am very impressed with the work done by Blue Pools. They kept my area clean of rubble at all times while renovating my pool. Not only did you people finish on time but you also painted my border paving around the pool at no extra charge. I am very happy with the way my pool has been transformed and I will be happy to give you my full endorsement and recommendations in future!
~Paul Bladergroen Hurlingham Sandton~


I am extremely happy with your Solarize pool heating which was installed a few months ago and now I really enjoy my pool and can even swim at night. I also love your Dolphin Ozonate system and I am very impressed with it. I have recommended your products to all my friends and family. I would highly recommend there products and such great service!"
~Advocate Andy Bester Randburg~


I had a few pool companies come around to check for a leak on my pool. All of them wanted to dig open my paving and tiling to see where the leak was. I was not happy about this and then found blue pools leak services on Google. They did the test and found 2x leaks on my pool piping and fixed them without having to dig up my paving. I would just like to say that I am a very impressed and a very happy client and I would like to recommend you anytime. ~Neil Kinsley Fourways~


I would highly recommend Blue pools to anyone wanting to build a new pool. My pool turned out looking incredible and my new landscaped garden also. Everyone asks me who did it. I am so impressed with you guys. Well done for finishing my pool and garden on time. Thank you! Thank you!
~ Valerie Pieterse Waterfall Retirement Estate~


My Solarize UPS system was the best investment money could buy. It keeps my lights and computers on when the power goes. As soon as there is a power outage it comes on without even noticing the power went out in the first place. My neighbors asked me" why is your generator so silent" and I showed them the system and they couldn't believe it. Now they have one also so hope the word spreads.~Andre Botes Bloemfontein~


I am now saving around 70% of my electricity costs which is quite a huge saving after installing your 300 liter solar geyser with your patented special controller that you recommended. Not only did you give me a great deal but you arranged installation within 3 days where other companies said they could only do it in 2 weeks. ~Erich Naughton Parkmore~


Your Dolphin Ozonate system is superb equipment after installing over 6 months ago. Because my pool is over 100 000 liters I was skeptical at first. I am now saving a huge amount on chemical costs and running my pool for only 4 hours a day. I don't even check the PH anymore and my pool remains sparkling even after it has rained heavily. I will highly recommend this system over and over to anyone who has a pool.John Sherratt (JWS Advisors Bryanston)


qWhen your guys came to fix a faulty pressure valve one of your guys replaced a washer on my garden tap which was leaking. My maid showed me when I got home and I was expecting to be charged. However I was not charged and when I asked you said don't worry about it. Thank you Blue Pools Solarize plumbing team I have given your no to quite a few people needing a plumber already so keep up the good work! q~ David Sher Athol Oaklands ~